The Organizers of Convergence 7 are proud to announce that Claire Voyant will be one of the distinguished bands performing for you this August.

Claire Voyant can express light, darkness, beauty, and hope. A voyage they hope is as healing to the listener as it is to each of them. Claire Voyant combines powerful female vocals, hypnotic keyboards, and melodic guitar to embrace this power and deliver "ethereal pop" sensibility.

Victoria Lloyd, Chris Ross, and Ben Fargen founded Claire Voyant in Northern California five years ago. Chris and Ben had been involved musically since childhood and with the addition of Victoria the chain was complete. The trio yearned to create music as touching and emotionally charged as some of their favorite bands and artistic inspirations. Claire Voyant seems to almost channel the music collectively and songwriting is still a process they find hard to explain. That elusive quality is the "power of music" the band believes so strongly in.

"The music is gothic tinged, but is embellished with more color than the prerequisite black, as well as an elastic, melodic, lush sense of mood... an ambience of simmering fires, of cooling embers under a star speckled canopy of mystery and wonder. Of course, the key element in the Claire Voyant bag of tricks would have to be Victoria Lloyd's smooth, oil on burnished steel vocals, vocals that sing as well as design: they slither like wisps of smoke into and around the melodies, before blossoming into clouds that shield the moon's inquisitive glare, demanding one's undeterred attention..." —Voltage Mag

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